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Why Is the Justice Department Bird-Dogging Public Universities’ Releases of Public Information?

The federal government is now tracking public universities’ release of public information involving federally funded science programs for “disinformation research” and bioweapons virus science. Both “disinformation research” and biodefense virus studies have come under increasing scrutiny from Congress and the public —“disinformation research” for helping the government censor Americans and bioweapons research for potentially causing the pandemic by funding dangerous gain-of-function virus studi

They Called Him “Crooked Cohen”

The COVID pandemic created some of the worst science writing in our lifetimes. Major media outlets failed at providing readers with accurate and balanced news across a host of issues, including vaccines, masks, lockdowns and how the virus likely began spreading through the human population.

It’s critical to call the news we read over the last four years “science writing” and not “reporting” because few science media outlets do any actual reporting. What science writers label “reporting’ is just

Publisher Taylor & Francis Joins Science Magazine As Venue For Sleazy Scientific Behavior

Four years ago this week, publisher Taylor & Francis released a commentary in their journal Emerging Microbes & Infections—the third most popular paper published by Taylor & Francis in 2020—that violated their own ethical policies and apparently flouted their own norms for peer review. What did it say?

It claimed people were spreading a “conspiracy theory” if they speculated whether the COVID pandemic started in a Wuhan lab

When emails later came to light exposing that this commentary was corr

Misinformation Researcher Sander van der Linden Caught Lying and Spreading Misinformation

Sander van der Linden's webpage at Cambridge University says he is an esteemed academic, with prior positions at Princeton and Yale, and has published studies on social influence misinformation, and fake news that place him among the top 1% of all social researchers and the top 2% across all of science.

Pretty much every major media outlet—the New York Times, BBC, CNN, The Economist, NPR, the Washington Post and NBC Nightly News—has interviewed van der Linden about his research, while his book

Florida Grand Jury Finds Average Citizens Aren’t Buying “Follow the Science” Propaganda on Masks and Social Distancing

I want to take some time to delve into the findings from a Florida grand jury that is looking into the pandemic’s response. There have been several lawsuits about the pandemic, and the UK has an ongoing COVID inquiry which I reported about briefly (COVID Inquiry Finds Lockdowns Were Terrible, While Reporters Call Bullshit on Government’s Lead Academic Advisor), but this grand jury in Florida has been mostly ignored.

The Florida Supreme Court empaneled a statewide grand jury on December 22, 2022

German Newspaper Forces Correction at Science Magazine, While Americans Ignore Study That Undermines Market Theory for Pandemic Origin

While American science writers continue to ignore new research that calls a study published by Science Magazine “flawed” and “invalid,” a German newspaper forced the journal to issue a correction to their study, authored by Arizona researcher Michael Worobey, that argued the COVID pandemic began in a wet market.

Science Magazine corrected the Worobey study last October, but the Frankfurter Allegemaine reported a couple weeks back that their reporters forced the correction after sending several

Science Magazine’s Paper Advocating Market Origin for COVID Based on False Statistics

Shortly after the pandemic’s beginning, a group of virologists allied with Anthony Fauci conspired to divert attention away from a possible lab accident in Wuhan, working together to publish essays that labeled such claims a “conspiracy theory.”

On February 19, 2020, EcoHealth Alliance’s Peter Daszak and Wellcome Trust’s Jeremy Farrar published a statement in The Lancet that claimed a possible Wuhan lab accident was a “conspiracy theory.” The statement did not disclose that Daszak was funding r

CDC Warns CDC’s Own Scientists That Their Finding on Masks “Is Not Scientifically Correct”

In a congressional hearing last November on restoring trust in science, CDC Director Mandy Cohen kept evading questions on whether she would bring back mask mandates for toddlers.

“We have a lot of different tools to protect our children,” Dr. Cohen said during her cagey response.

Six days later, a BMJ journal published a study that found “mask recommendations for children are not supported by scientific evidence.”

Director Cohen’s scientific bumbling continued last week as her agency began f
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